ROOT & BRANCH Do-It-Yourself




6th July 2022

Why do we stay? Is this not a question many of us ask ourselves? We cry out for change in OUR church, we seek to close that gap between what we see in the institutional structure and the realities of life. Our DIY sessions are there to empower us all to build the church we want to see. In this video, Passionist priest, Nicholas Postlethwaite, speaks encouragingly about starting DIY groups and how this is the way forward for our church. Nicholas reminds us of Pope Francis's words that he felt Jesus was knocking on the church door to get out, not on the outside waiting to get in. 

Click here to listen to Nicholas Postlethwaite talk about small communities, the Church,

and signs of hope.

DIY meetings  changing to Wednesday evenings:

Next meeting -

Wednesday 7th Sept, 20.00

Let’s have August off;

rest, recreate and enjoy!

So many of you have been asking us:


Is there anyone else that you know of in my area?

Root & Branch DIY is a way for you to take the initiative for reform in your part of the world. Check out our table of Contacts, below.

If there’s no-one in your area, would you like to be a Contact for others?

It can be as simple as getting together for a cup of tea,

if you want to work for an inclusive, just and safe Church together.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Here’s a simple template for gathering a couple of like-minded friends

who realise that we can’t wait for permission to change.

We need to start living the Church we want to be:

inclusive, just and safe.

Derek Reeve

talking to the

R&B DIY group 

on Tuesday 1st March 2022