ROOT & BRANCH Do-It-Yourself



So many of you have been asking us:


Is there anyone else that you know of in my area?

Root & Branch DIY is a way for you to take the initiative for reform in your part of the world. Check out our table of Contacts, below.

If there’s no-one in your area, would you like to be a Contact for others?

It can be as simple as getting together for a cup of tea,

if you want to work for an inclusive, just and safe Church together.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Here’s a simple template for gathering a couple of like-minded friends

who realise that we can’t wait for permission to change.

We need to start living the Church we want to be:

inclusive, just and safe.

DIY 1.8.jpg

Derek Reeve

talking to the

R&B DIY group 

on Tuesday 1st March 2022