ROOT & BRANCH Do-It-Yourself



Not just a talking-shop!


We’ve all been to so many conferences, live and online, and come away again.


We promised that R&B meant action.




Some parts of our Church will only change very slowly. We can’t wait.


R&B DIY is a way of taking action into our own hands.


Read our Bristol Text to Reform.

Watch our amazing treasury of talks about reform by internationally-acclaimed speakers.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Email Kevin at for a chat about it.


And then, here’s a simple template for gathering a couple of like-minded friends

who realise that we can’t wait for permission to change.

We need to start living the Church we want to be:

inclusive, just and welcoming.


Click on the table below to see who’s 
in your area. More names are being added daily,
so keep an eye out if no-one’s in your area yet.
Or - could you volunteer yourself?