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The Synodal Pathway -

Good News for Catholic Women?

Penelope Middelboe of Root & Branch took part in the Tablet Webinar on 19th January 2022 with Prof Tina Beattie,

Daisy Srblin, and Dr Alana Harris, chaired by Dr Natalie Watson. Women, being the largest marginalised group within the Church, must not be airbrushed from the Synod, they said.

Click here to read the Webinar conclusions;

women must not be airbrushed out of the Synod.

BBC News - Synod 2021 - Saturday 9th October

Full interview (approx 9 mins) with Penelope Middelboe answering questions from Harry Farley, Senior Broadcast Journalist in BBC News, specialising in religion and ethics. We’re sorry that only two sentences were taken from this and quoted in The Sunday Programme, R4, 10th Oct, 2021.

Radio 4 - Synod 2021 - Sunday 10th October
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