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We cannot do this without yo
ur donations

If you wish to make a monthly payment, however small,
email us on and ask for our bank details.


Everything we do - our emails, mail-outs, social media, planning, letter-writing -  

the whole shebang of keeping the  R&B show on the road

- is done by us volunteers, working from home.

We have to spend money to reach you, however, on the things we can’t do ourselves - techie stuff, website, recordings, video editing, online and real infrastructures - so those costs have to be found. Your support enables all these!
It’s you who enable us to keep the R&B 
show on the road.



What is Root & Branch Community ?

Root and Branch is a grassroots forum where all who believe that reform is necessary in the Catholic Church can share their views, and work towards being the sort of Church that we want to see; open, inclusive, safe and welcoming for everyone.

Pope Francis has asked that we all listen to one another - truly listen. Root & Branch had already begun doing this since our inception in January 2021. After a year of working with internationally-acclaimed speakers, we culminated in our Inclusive, lay-led Synod for reform in Bristol in Sept 2021 - you can hear all our amazing and inspiring speakers from that wonderful event on our website. Our talks have already been viewed more than 20,000 times across the world.

There is much about our Church that crying out for reform. We are deeply grateful to those courageous and trusting survivors of abuse who have worked with us to produce Stolen Lives, our series of events in January and February 2022. They are joined by respected experts who are working tirelessly for justice for the vulnerable, towards removing clericalism, and to empowering lay-led accountable structures.

We don't charge for our monthly R&B Zoom events - we want everyone to be able to access them. We do depend on the generosity of our supporters to be able to do this work at all.

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