We in Root & Branch wholeheartedly support Pope Francis’s Synodal Church process in its desire to walk together, listening deeply to each other, and to its stated aim to hear “every voice”. We want to help our bishops achieve this, and to enable conversations in our parishes, our deaneries, dioceses - and internationally as well. We the laity have never yet, with the exception of the partly answered and never-published Family Synod Consultation of 2103, been consulted for our views before, and certainly not on this scale. It is time for our voice to be heard, and to hear each other.

This table has been compiled by our good companions in reform, ACTA. We are delighted to work alongside them, most especially wherever we have R&B DIY groups. Our DIY groups are both live in parishes, and online, and they are our way of exploring and living a reforming, inclusive and just church.

If you can reliably update any of this information, or offer to be a contact point for R&B in any Diocese, we’d love to hear from you on hello@rootandbranchsynod.org.

Click on the grid to see what’s happening in your Diocese and others.

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And remember that you as an individual, or as a group,

can always send your Synod responses direct to the Vatican:


Their address is at the foot of their homepage:


General Secretariat for Synod of Bishops

Via della Conciliazione 34

VA - 00120 Vatican City

Tel. (+39) 06 698 84821 / 84324


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