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Chris McDonnell writing in The Universe Catholic Weekly on 29th March 2024...

We cannot continue re-inventing the wheel. The current committee of MMaC, after consultation with its membership, has decided that we will cease to function as an independent organisation from this Easter, 2024. This decision was not reached lightly but only after much thought and discussion. Illness and age has led to the loss of three committee members in recent months. Without that core direction we faced an unsustainable future as an organisation. We needed a new home to reinvigorate our goal.


After discussions with the Root & Branch community, we decided to lend our voice to their cause...

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Root and Branch Community grew out of Parishioners' Call - 

 a movement promoting a respectful and safe space

for Roman Catholic parishioners to talk and act.


It is parishioners who support and empower the Church.

Without us, there is no Church.

Now it’s our call.


We call for shared ministry of women and men, married, single and celibate.

We call for engaged and committed parishioners,

working together as Roman Catholics and Christians.


We believe women and men are created equal in God’s image,

and are called to work together to spread God’s Word.


Jesus created no priests nor any clericalism. He simply said to the women and men at the Last Supper:

‘Do this in memory of me.’

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