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Towards a Beatitudinal Church

Archbishop Charles Scicluna

19th January 2023

Root & Branch sincerely thanks Archbishop Charles Scicluna for his ready willingness to talk with our forum for church reform and share his reflections on a beatitudinal church. The talk stimulated much thought and comment. The recording along with the chat highlights that the discussion was open, honest and respectful, with much passion and conviction expressed by many. Divergent and conflicting opinions were expressed clearly and without rancour showing that deeply probing conversations, like this one, are badly needed in the church  today.

The chat commments have been shared with Archbishop Charles.

We are deeply grateful to the survivors of clerical abuse who joined us.

We acknowledge how difficult it was for you.

Subtitles are available with this video  via the CC button.

They are currently in editing and will be fully corrected in the next few days.

Chat Highlights

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