Calm Woman

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Teacher, feminist, theologian

“I want my teenage theologians to see an inclusive Catholic Church modelled”

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Teacher, writer, NGO volunteer, former business director

Co-founder of Parishioners’ Call – for sacramental ministry open to all who hear God’s call.



Writer, historian, former charity CEO

“I want an egalitarian, prophetic Church, that leads out of love – liberated from Spirit-denying judgementalism.”



We are Church, Ireland

“The Vatican’s claim that women cannot image Christ is spiritual abuse.”

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Prison and university teacher, political activist, strongly influenced by feminist theology.

“We need to heal our broken Church for our broken world so that the face of Christ is visible.”

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Mother, grandmother, parishioner

“Is God so small as to be confined to one gender?”

What Do We Want?


We want comprehensive Root and Branch reform in the institution of Catholic clericalism. We, the People of God, must lead the way towards an inclusive, safe and loving Catholic Church.

Because of the Vatican’s suppression of free speech in Catholic institutions, many academics, lay people and religious have fallen silent on the important topics of inclusivity and the abusive power of clericalism. WE, the Church, must lead the way in the healing of our institution and our world.


Pope Francis has asked no less of us. He has sent out his bishops to begin consulting with us on 16th October 2021, through until April 2022, to finally come back to him in Rome, October 2023.


Has your Diocese set up arrangements to hear your voice, the voices of “each individual faithful”?


Our Root and Branch Synod is open to all the topics that are deemed “outside the remit.”

“Mary of Nazareth proclaimed the gestating Christ with authority. Mary of Magdala proclaimed the same Christ now risen with authority. Their yes to God is the source of their authority.”

—  Soline Humbert (Vatinel)