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Pope Francis recently updated the code of canon law to include a revision that codified the “grave crime” of ordaining a woman, with a punishment of automatic excommunication (canon 1379). While it is not new, it continues to be an affront to the people of God and to women and people of all genders who authentically discern a call to ordained ministry.

There is a time-honored principle in the Church that an unjust law is no law at all. Therefore, we will raise our voices as the global faithful to say that we do not accept this attempt to criminalize God's call. 

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Will you sign our letter to show Pope Francis that the People of God cannot and will not accept an unjust law?

Sr Lucy, a member of one of the biggest Catholic Religious Congregation in Kerala, India (The Franciscan Clarist Congregation, FCC)  has been dismissed unlawfully. Sr Lucy came out in protest against rape-accused former bishop of Jalandhar Franco Mulakkal. Sister Lucy has now appealed against her dismissal from the congregation to Catholic Church in Rome. This dismissal sparked wide spread protest and anger across India and around the world.

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Please sign the petition
to mark your solidarity and support to Sister Lucy.

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